5 Responses to a true champion of our freedom to read

  1. Al Smith says:

    Bravo. This is vital content. Flawed legislation should not become law because we choose silence. When consultations with people and groups are ignored, we have no choice but to be reactionary. Proud the CLA is documenting their dismay.

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  3. Bonnie McComb says:

    What a great post, Jacqueline! Greetings from Warsaw. I do not know Brian Campbell, but I am very proud as a person from BC of his contributions and how he represents libraries. I am going to share his acceptance speech with some of the staff at my school. Currently reading Dave Eggers “The Circle” which is a scary dystopian novel about all of the surveillance concerns expressed in your blog. Oh, Brave New World!

    • So lovely to hear from you, Bonnie! And glad to hear you’ll be sharing Brian’s acceptance speech with your colleagues (in Warsaw – how cool!). We are indeed fortunate to have such an exceptional free speech champion and activist in our midst. Greetings from Vancouver!