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connecting with community

The following is abridged from The New Library: plus ça change blog posting on the BC libraries’ Commons site. In the end, our anchors must be our mission and our community. The clarity and breadth of our mission allows us to see past what … Continue reading

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what keeps me up at night?

One need not venture far into the social media and news sphere to see that funding cuts to libraries are very much in the news and the minds of librarians across the country. No doubt this news is keeping some … Continue reading

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more than comfy chairs

Just as a room full of books is not a library, a room full of books, comfy chairs and technology is not a learning commons. I’ve been thinking about what it takes to make a learning commons. What is that … Continue reading

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pick a book, any book

Harry by the Sea, by Gene Zion, was the very first book I ever borrowed from a library. I remember watching the librarian type my name on the library card, and then telling me I could pick out any book … Continue reading

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play’s the thing

Today’s velocity of change seems like something out of Lewis Carroll’s Original Tale. When my son was born in 1997, only 18% of families had Internet in their homes; we had a dial-up modem for our one shared computer. By … Continue reading

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