2 Responses to Chattanooga’s on the right track

  1. Al Smith says:

    Interesting… I’m extra interested HOW this transformation may take place? Not just space transformation but acquisitions, management, staff expertise many other variables enter the picture when you seriously accept the core belief inside Lankes, “The future of libraries rests not in their collections, but in their engagement with the communities they serve. Libraries are learning institutions that facilitate knowledge creation.” Sections that Tennessee are playing with are found in other ‘maker space’ library movements but genuine, scaleable, transformation would be revolutionary not really an adaptation to most institutions. In my school library situation, we can barely get the system to currently accept any specialists (teacher-librarian) never mind the dramatic approaches and skills required to support true creating knowledge communities and environments Lankes, Sir K Robinson or Tennessee tease us to consider. I think it is a honourable notion to aspire to but transformation institutionally will see many collapses while witnessing a few lovely rebirths.

  2. Al Smith says:

    PUBLIC INVESTMENT FIBER NETWORK: This week at #IL4K12 a technical support fellow described Los Angeles new plan to rebuild fiber throughout the entire community as a requirement for economic survival and public policy NOT luxury. In BC we have left our info tech wellness in the hands of Telus- a for profit enterprise that will only do what is in its best interest not our optimum transformation. PLN woes case in point.