3 Responses to connecting with community

  1. Stan Squires says:

    Bravo… an amazing erudite synopsis and challenge.

  2. Maryann says:

    I am really stuck on community for the library MO. I have always been taught that if a public institution does not reflect the community it simply DESERVES to die. I think that is why I chose to work in libraries, they are most often reflective and responsive to community.
    In coming weeks the multi-sector #librarycampers group are looking a new camp called community camp. Based on our success with datacamp, this time out we are looking to collecting library people and their contact on working together for better communities. Please ping me with ideas at http://twitter.com/maryakem

  3. Christina N. says:

    While I completely agree with David Lamkes and others who are emphasizing community, I fear that our voices are being drowned out by rather blatant acts of anti-intellectualism with a political agenda that is rapidly undermining the institutions that cultivate enlightenment and understanding. It is hard to support knowledge creation under a regime that shamelessly supports the gutting of libraries AND a plethora of other public sector bodies including post secondary education. We are complicit when we do not stand up and push back. Our communities are relying on public libraries more because there is no other place to go. Good for us, bad for society. And, it will not last. If we do not galvanize our communities to act, we will be next. Recent events, at federal and provincial levels clearly point to a dismantling of publicly funded pillars of education and personal growth. Government transparency has been flipped on its head to become opaque while citizens become increasingly ‘transparent’ under a new form of social control. Our discourse must be more critical and outspoken if we are to have a future as librarians. We cannot be consumed with the managerialization of work but must shake these shackles and disprupt conversations by questioning the events that are unfolding around us. We must become something new, something that will make many uncomfortable because we can no longer be passive.

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