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  1. Al Smith says:

    Wow! Enjoyed your insights again. Although a loved my #etmooc a year ago, I prefer f2f activities. Without healthy community we die. Look at the broken states around the world and all the pain. Regardless of the scale community is humanity. Exclusive disregard for f2f for screens just because we can, is equivalent logic as bombing villages prevents violence.
    Bang on Ross 🙂

    “..Ross,…calls this a “low bandwidth experience”. He says that when you sit in groups the experience is high bandwidth. “With body language, so much transfers at a non-intellectual level, the limbic level, which is so important.”

    • Nice to hear from you again, Al – thanks for your thoughtful comments. Creating a F2F community learning environment with a MOOC is a creative way to ensure the experience is indeed a high bandwidth one.

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