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  1. maryakem says:

    I do believe in the library as a community space and not stuff. Full stop. I find the story of community place from West Vancouver Memorial Library an intensely powerful one like this story. Showing how it is not ‘of today’ that the library must ‘change to’ this.

    From 1950 there was a community that chose, instead of a plaza or rock monument, to spend its money on the library as place and site of sharing. Every November 11th not just the memory of the fallen is attended to but also how the people of West Vancouver throw open the library for the liminal ‘knowledge’ of their liberty and community within and without the library. Sharing song and food and new and old identities in motion.

    Open on a stat as a community place. Yeah do it.

  2. Great example, Maryann – thanks for sharing it!

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