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  1. maryakem says:

    I have spent some good measure of my time running down books. Books that are cruddy, books that have hidden traps.. books are no universal good — despite what some might think. Library books are a certain type of book. If librarians don’t remember that, who knows who will. I am often surprised by which library books people remember.. pleasantly surprised, or maybe it is reminded.

    The books we need in our reading lives are not predictable. The safety of the library space to welcome us to stories we don’t know we want to know because they affirm our place as readers, or connect us with a secret friend through their characters or simply delight us should brook no over analysis. Could not agree more pick a book, any book.

    Liberation is our brand at the library. Free to choose and experience. Independence

  2. Al Smith says:

    Fabulous! Just awesome narrative and concepts! Could not agree more. Keep up great work. I’m a fool taking on ETMOOC.org for my PGP , used your post and Harry as fodder tonight. Thx or inspiration. – Al


    • Thanks, Al. Glad you found it useful. (In Gene Zion’s book, Harry is an adorable terrier, but I have to say I love the photo you found of the golden retriever on the beach!) Good on you for taking the ETMOOC – I appreciate learning from your blog!

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