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  1. Doris Rankin says:

    Bravo Jacqueline. Thanks for the reminder of what a great man he was. No worries, his legacy is safe! My thoughts are with you,

  2. Bill Manson says:

    Many thanks. Brian was indeed one of the giants on whose shoulders future leaders will stand. I wish I had been closer and could have been there.

  3. Wendy Newman says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Jacqueline. I had the honour, as CLA President, to present CLA’s Outstanding Service to Librarianship Award to him at the joint ALA/CLA conference in Toronto in 2003. At our AGM that year, he was passionate and helpful in informing our resolution, amid much controversy, on events in Cuba. Earlier in his career he had been honoured with its top award by CAPL. Such a legacy. The Working Together initiative alone – just one of the programs he spearheaded – was a towering achievement that will remain and grow well into the future.

  4. Gillian Guilmant-Smith says:

    Thank you for sharing, Jacqueline. Brian was such an inspiration to me and your eulogy brought back wonderful memories of working closely with him on the Information Policy Committee.

  5. Alvin Schrader says:

    It was a privilege and an honour that I was able to attend the memorial service. And it was my distinct pleasure as convenor of the CLA intellectual freedom committee to attend the BC Library Conference at which CLA President Sandra Singh presented Brian with CLA’s Intellectual Freedom Advancement Award, the second last ever presented. His acceptance speech was a truly memorable event that showcased his trademark passion and fury and oratorical genius, and in particular his disdain for the Harper surveillance bill.

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