My goal with this blog is to share what I learn  — and perhaps, from time to time, toss out some opinions that might inspire discussions about how we can achieve more.

As the chief librarian of the North Vancouver District Public Library, I see, every day, the important connections between patrons and library staff, between ideas and information. In my former role, as director of the Libraries and Literacy Branch in the government of British Columbia, I met many inspiring researchers and saw countless practices and projects in schools and in libraries that are truly innovative and creative. I believe we can all learn from what others are doing.

An inspiration for me is David Lankes, library visionary, who says that “The future of libraries rests not in their collections, but in their engagement with the communities they serve. Libraries are learning institutions that facilitate knowledge creation.”

And as Maureen Dockendorf, BC’s Superintendent of Reading and rock-star of the K-12 world, says, “All projects are stronger when we’re connected and we share what we’re learning.”

I hope I will be able to share what I learn with you. Thanks for coming along!


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